Samsung LED Grow Lights 2022: Top 5 List!

Samsung is a pioneer in LED technology and one of the leaders of the horticultural lighting industry.

The company’s mission is to create superior products. So, it’s not surprising that Samsung LEDs can emit the best LED grow light for plants.

But there’s only one issue with Samsung: They don’t manufacture their own grow light devices.

Samsung sells its LED chips to other brands, which in their turn use the diodes to manufacture complete LED grow light systems.

We can still call those devices “Samsung LED grow lights.”

If you are looking for the best Samsung LED grow lights, then you come to the right place. We compiled a list of the 5 best Samsung LED grow lights out there to start growing your indoor plants.

Samsung LED grow lights: Top Five List

Image Product Details
sample-table__imageOur Top PickHLG 65 Quantom Board
  • Best for DIY
  • Overall Value
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sample-table__imageSpider Farmer
  • Saves Energy
  • Dimmer Switch
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sample-table__imageMars Hydro SP 3000
  • For Heavy Flowering Herbs
  • Red Dominant Spectrum
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sample-table__imageRoleadro LED Strips
  • Most Efficient
  • Timer Function
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sample-table__imageGavita 1700e LED
  • Brightest Light
  • Best Looking Design
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1. HLG Quantum Boards

The newest generation of HLG Quantum Boards is mainly composed of Samsung LM301H LED diodes.

These diodes are very efficient. In fact, the PPF efficacy of HLG Quantum Boards is around 2.5 µmol/J, which is really high.

There is a wide variety of HLG Quantum Boards with different light spectrums and intensities.

Also, some HLG QBs contain a few diodes that are manufactured by other LED light brands other than Samsung.

For example, the powerful HLG 600 V2 RSpec QB has around 64 Deep Red Osram LEDs. But the majority of its LEDs (around 95%) are made by Samsung.

HLG 600 V2 RSpec grow light with samsung diodes

Although HLG Quantum Boards are very powerful, they usually come in DIY kits.

That means if you purchase an HLG LED Light, you will need to assemble the grow lamp by yourself. But don’t you worry. It’s usually easy to assemble Quantum Boards. There are instructions on how to do it and dozens of videos tutorials on the internet that demonstrates how to assemble the HLG Quantum Boards.

The effort you put in to assemble a Quantum Board is totally worth it because these lights are superior to most other grow lights in terms of spectrum, intensity, and efficiency.

But, if you don’t like DIY grow lights to enhance plant growth, keep reading below.

2. Spider Farmer Grow Lights

Samsung LED grow lights

Spider Farmer grow light is a simple flat-shaped lighting board and is also one of the best LED grow light in the market.

They’re very powerful and highly optimized for plant growth.

Spider Farmer grow lights are made up of Samsung LM301B diodes.

Samsung LM301B diodes are the older version of LM301H diodes, but they’re nearly identical to them.

So, Spider Farmer LEDs and HLG Quantum Boards have many features in common.

Actually, the PPF efficacy rate of Spider Farmer grow lights is around 2.45 µmol/J, which is approximately equal to that of HLG QBs.

Spider farmer grow lights contain a mix of 5000K and 3000K LEDs (besides few 660nm and 760nm LEDs), therefore making the overall spectrum very balanced.

For that reason, the light spectrum of Spider Farmer grow lights are perfect for all plant growth stages, particularly the flowering stage, a popular grower’s choice indeed when growing an indoor plant.

The newest spider farmer grow lights come with a dimmer function that allows you to reduce the light output or the light intensity of the grow light. This feature is excellent if you want to reduce energy consumption during the seedling and vegetative phases of an indoor plant.

Overall, Spider Farmer grow lights are cheaper than HLG grow lights (check their prices here).

You can learn more about Spider Farmer grow lights in this article we wrote about Spider Farmer SF-1000.

A grower of indoor plants would definitely love the Spider LED grow light for its affordable price and excellent performance. But if you are still looking for other LED light options, then continue on.

3. Mars Hydro SP 3000

Samsung LED grow lights

Growing your indoor plant will be a breeze with the help of Mars Hydro grow lights. We will give this LED grow light the title as one of the growers choice when it comes to indoor gardening.

The brand uses Epistar diodes instead of Samsung diodes in the vast majority of its grow lights.

In fact, Mars Hydro SP 3000 is the only Mars Hydro grow light model that has Samsung LEDs.

The Samsung diodes found in Mars Hydro SP 3000 are LM301B, just like ones present in Spider Farmer grow lights.

The device also has deep red Osram diodes.

In total, Mars Hydro SP 3000 has 960 LED chips, so it generates a very intense light.

The PPFD of this device at a height of 18 inches is around 1130 µmol/m²/s (at the center of the coverage area).

Besides that, the light spectrum of Mars Hydro SP 3000 is dominantly red light. So, it’s perfect for heavy-flowering and fruiting plants.

Since Mars Hydro SP 3000 has a rectangular shape, its coverage area is also rectangular.

That means it’s hard to make the most out of this light in a tight grow tent that has a square area. So, make sure to check the dimensions of your grow tent before buying this grow light.

Mars Hydro SP 3000 is also somewhat pricey (check its price here) compared to other grow lights, including HLG Quantum Boards and Spider Farmer LEDs.

4. Roleadro LED Strips

Another indoor plant grow light you can consider is the Roleadro LED strips. This indoor plant grow light is a flexible grow light and can be used for several purposes.

These lights contain Samsung LM301B diodes that have a Kelvin rating (spectrum) of 3000K.

They also contain other diodes that are rated 660nm, 3500K, and 6000K.

Roleadro LED strips have a very balanced spectrum that is equally rich in blue light and red light.

But these LED strips aren’t as bright as other indoor plant grow lights on this list.

So, they can be best used for medium-light plants or to enhance plant growth in their vegetative or seedling phase.

They can also be used as supplemental lighting.

Roleadro LED strips can fit in all places and are perfect for growing plants on shelves.

If you want to grow a few herbs or greens in the kitchen, these lights are perfect for you.

Samsung LED grow lights

Four Roleadro strips draw around 40 watts of power only. So they’re very efficient.

Besides that, these grow lights have a timer function and their light output can be dimmed from 100% to 25%.

The user manual that comes with these LEDs isn’t very clear, but you can easily install the lights without using them.

Roleadro LED strips are the cheapest grow lights on our list. (check their prices here).

5. Gavita 1700e LED

Last on our list, but certainly not the least, is Gavita. This grow light is a known brand in the indoor plant grow light industry. It’s well known for its high-quality HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps.

But recently, the brand started manufacturing LED lights. And its newest LED grow light is Gavita Pro 1700e LED.

Gavita 1700e LED is a very powerful device, but it costs a good amount of money.

This grow light has a total of 3,336 Samsung and Osram diodes!

Gavita Pro 1700e LED is the brightest grow light on our list. Its light (PAR) output is around 1700 µmol/s.

It generates that quantity of light at a very high-efficiency rate. Its PPF efficacy is around 2.6 µmol/s.

Another amazing feature of this device is its design.

Gavita Pro 1700e LED is basically made up of 8 LED bars that are fixed together in one frame.

Samsung LED grow light

This design makes the light more uniform over the coverage area of the device.

That means the light intensity won’t vary a lot from one location to another in the coverage area.

Learn more about Gavita Pro 1700e LED in this article.

Gavita Pro 1700e is very expensive (check its price here), but it’s worth every penny.

We highly recommend this light for professional and serious growers.

So what do you think of our Samsung LED grow lights 2022: top 5 list? Which indoor plant grow light is your favorite? Share them in the comments below.

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