Gavita LED Review [2022]: Examining Gavita Pro 1700e

If you are searching for an LED grow light, you will be introduced to a variety of grow lights from different brands. One of those brands will be the Gavita Pro 1700e. Is this LED grow light a good brand to help with indoor plant growth and nourish a growing plant? Let us find out in this grow light review.

Gavita is one of the top horticultural lighting brands in the world. The company produces some of the highest quality and most powerful LED grow lights for professional indoor plant gardeners.

Gavita LED grow light devices are relatively new on the market, but they are very popular in the indoor gardening community.

The newest Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a LED grow light with very positive ratings. Yet, ratings alone aren’t very reliable. To assess the quality of a grow light, we must analyze its performance.

Gavita LED review

In this Gavita Pro 1700e LED grow light review, we will examine the quality of this grow light in detail to decide if this grow light is worth your money.

Gavita Pro 1700e LED Design Review

Before we review the performance of Gavita LED, let’s look at its design and structure.

Gavita Pro 1700e LED arrives in a package that also contains hanging equipment, an installation manual, and a power cord.

The power cord is around 8ft (2.4m) long and you can select its voltage while purchasing the device.

You can also order an LED controller and adapter with the device if you want more controllability over your grow light.

The Fixture

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED fixture is made of 8 separate LED bars that are covered with aluminum heat sinks at their top and are fixed to the mainframe. This creates a unique open-frame design that allows even coverage of light and strong heat dissipation.

The LED diodes are made by Samsung and Osram, two of the LED lighting industry leaders. They are protected with plastic coverings and their Phillips drivers are located at the center of the frame.

The dimensions of the fixture are 44.1 x 43.7 x 2.3 inches (112 x 110 x 5.8 cm) and its weight is around 28.4 pounds (12.88 kg).

All you need to do to install the device is to fix the four hangers in their mounting holes, then connect the power cord to the fixture.

We can say confidently that the innovative design of this fixture is one of the best. The distribution of the LED bars is very effective in preventing heat damage and unequal distribution of light.

It’s important to note that the Gavita LED 1700e has a three-year warranty and can also be used in wet environments.

Gavita LED Performance Review

Power Consumption and Efficiency

Gavita Pro 1700e LED consumes around 645 watts of power at full intensity. This value tells us that the electric consumption of the light is relatively high, but it indicates nothing about the LED light quality of the device unless used to measure the efficiency.

The PAR efficacy of Gavita 1700e LED is around 2.6 μmol/J. This means for every watt of power, the Gavita LED grow light produces 2.6 μmol of PAR per second.

That value is really the highest rate of efficiency that grow lights can reach today. For example, Mars Hydro TS 1000, one of the most famous grow lights on the market, has a PPF efficacy of around 2.3 μmol/J. Indeed, the Gavita light can be your next best LED grow light.


According to Gavita, the 1700e grow LED light is equivalent to an HPS lamp that consumes 1000 watts of power, and this is another indicator of how efficient this light is.

Another useful amazing feature with this grow light is that you can dim down its light intensity without sacrificing its light efficiency. This is particularly great when you are growing plants indoors that don’t need that much light or plants in the vegetative stage.

Light Intensity and Quality

The Samsung diodes of Gavita 1700e produce a full spectrum white light that includes the entire PAR range thereby covering the different light demands of plants during different stages in their life cycles such as the flowering stage or the vegetative stage.

The Osram diodes produce supplemental deep red light that enhances the PAR for the flowering phase of the plants.

Gavita’s PAR output is around 1700 μmol/s, hence the name 1700e. This number is very high compared to most other grow lights in the market.

To assess the grow light’s performance with plants, we must look at and interpret its PPFD at different distances. Here are our PPFD measurements of Gavita 1700e LED at 18 and 24 inches in a grow tent.

Gavita LED review

These values prove how powerful the light is. This device was developed to produce the highest yield in the most light-demanding plants.

The PPFD values of Gavita also display another feature of the grow light: uniformity.

There is a small difference between Gavita’s PPFD values at the center and the ones at the edges and in the corner. This discrepancy is usually much higher with other grow lights.

The uniformity of the light produced by Gavita LED allows you to get equal results in your plants even if they were located at different positions under your grow light, ensuring your plants inside your grow tents are getting enough lights they need.

There are zero negative comments that can be stated about this light’s performance. This is why it is among our top 5 Samsung LED grow lights!

Coverage Area and Hanging Height

The coverage area recommended by the manufacturer for the flowering stage of plants is 4ft x 4ft (1.2m x 1.2m) to 5ft x 5ft (1.5 m x 1.5 m) at a hanging height of 18 inches (45 cm).

The recommended area for the plants’ vegetative stage is 6ft x 6ft (1.8m x 1.8m) to 7ft x 7ft (2.1m x 2.1m) at a hanging height of 36 to 48 inches (90 to 120 cm).

If you plan on dimming the light during the vegetative phase of your plants, stick with the 4ft x 4ft (1.2m x 1.2m) coverage area and 18 inches hanging height.

We advise you to use grow tents with reflective walls so you maximize the intensity of your grow light.

LED Grow Lights Depot offers you a 4ft x 4ft or 5ft x 5ft Gorilla Tent with Gavita 1700e LED for a price comparable to the original cost of the grow light. Check the offer here.

Gavita Pro 1700e & Gorilla Grow Tent Package Deal

Heat Dissipation

Heat is an important factor to consider when you are choosing a grow light for your indoor plants. If the light fixture produces too much heat, it will damage itself and the plants. We don’t want to cook your plants, do you?

Luckily, Gavita Pro 1700e LED is equipped with a powerful passive heat dissipation system that depends on aluminum and its open-frame design.

Gavita LED side view

Aluminum is a very strong thermal conductor, so it absorbs all the heat produced by the diodes. Because of this, the metal will get hot, especially at the center, so don’t touch it with your hands while the light is turned on.

There are some advantages of the aluminum heat sink over cooling fans. The aluminum requires no electricity to operate and produces zero noise. For those grow lights with fans attached, you will need that extra juice to power up those lights.


The yield you can pull from Gavita Pro 1700e LED is very high!

We reached out to several indoor gardeners who have Gavita 1700e LED to ask them about the yield they achieved under the light.

One cannabis grower told us that they were able to obtain 1.4 grams/watt without any supplementation of CO2!

Another grower said that they could harvest around 400 grams (0.88 lbs) from each plant.

Those are incredibly high numbers, indicating that Gavita LED is indeed a superior grow light and can help produce a higher yield compared to other grow lights in the market.


Gavita Pro 1700e LED is one of the most powerful grow lights on the market. It is bright, has impressive efficacy, and is quite durable. The device has no drawbacks that are worth noting.

Yet, we only recommend this light for professional growers as all its amazing features come with a price. The Gavita Pro 1700e does not come at a budget-friendly price, setting the mood for beginner growers to look for other grow lights in the market, such as the Mars Hydro TS 1000.

However, Gavita LED is a wise choice for experienced gardeners who are planning on expanding their indoor gardens. And if you really want a quality grow light despite the price, then we really recommend getting the Gavita Pro 1700e LED grow light. Indeed, this is a good light source for your indoor growing space.

Have you used a Gavita Pro 1700e LED grow light for your indoor plants? What do you think of this grow light? Share your thoughts and suggestions in a comment below.

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  1. Love the lights, Wish we could control them. We are stuck with an on-off type light even though we purchased the control adaptor, little did we know that there are no controllers available, so don’t waste money on the adaptor unless you check for controller inventory availability. We hope that someday we will be able to use the $100 plus adaptor we bought with each of 100 light fixtures, yes 10k in unusable adaptors. Don’t buy 1700e’s if you want a light with a controller available.

    • Unfortunately, controllers are out of stock at the moment. But I believe they will be available in the near future.
      You’re right, however. Don’t waste money on the adaptor without having the controller because they’re useless without each other.

    • Exactly!
      A 1000W HPS can usually cover a 6ft x 6ft (1.8m x 1.8m) to 6.5ft x 6.5ft (2m x 2m) area. A Gavita Pro 1700e LED can cover up to 7ft x 7ft (2.1m x 2.1m).

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