About Herbs Within

Hey there! I’m Jad, the founder of HerbsWithin.com, and I want to thank you for checking out our website.

If you look at today’s society, you’ll notice humans have shifted to a hasty and robotic way of life. We’re constantly chasing something and always in a hurry to get somewhere.

That said, stress levels are elevating worldwide despite all the achievements of modern medicine. It’s impossible for us to keep going with all the pressure that is piling up on our hearts.

To bring harmony back into our lives, we need to think of what we are collectively missing to a huge extent: Nature.

According to research, reconnecting with nature is crucial for health. It curbs stress and boosts the mood.

So, how to embrace nature? There are thousands of ways to do that, but our blog sheds light on a very unique one.


As a kid, I was always passionate to grow plants. When I finished high school, I majored in biology and that allowed me to learn few things about agriculture. However, I was too busy to do anything else other than studying for the exams. I was always under pressure and I was getting sick often. Multiple doctors told me I should put an end to the overgrowing stress.

To promote my positive feelings, I decided to pursue my old passion for gardening. Since I didn’t have a garden outside, I grew my plants inside. At first, I thought the process would be challenging, but it turned out to be unbelievably easy. All year round, I prepare food from vegetables, fruits, and herbs I nurture at home. The feeling is just amazing.

Out of pure excitement, I founded this website to enlighten people about gardening indoors.

At HerbsWithin.com, we offer you the information you need to grow plants indoors. Our approach is scientific, yet it’s clear and practical. Enjoy reading and happy gardening!