Purple LED Grow Lights

If you're looking for the best purple LED grow lights, let's make it easy for you! We listed here the best ones and explained what makes them great.

There are many different grow lights to choose from for your indoor garden.

If you have been looking around the market, you might have stumbled upon a special grow light. It’s called a purple grow light.

There are hundreds of purple grow lights on the market. But what does this particular grow light bulb do?

How does it differ from a full-spectrum grow light the majority seem to use in their indoor garden?

Those lights are purple because they emit a mix of blue and red light. That mix fuels photosynthesis and improves plant growth.

The popularity of white LED grow lights is on the rise. But many indoor plant growers still prefer using purple LED grow lights.

This article will look at the best purple LED grow lights you can use to grow different plants indoors.

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Purple LED grow lights  

Here is our list of the top eight purple LED grow lights in 2024, to start growing your indoor plants:

First on our list is Viparspectra grow lights.

The most popular purple grow lights are the Viparspectra Reflector Series LEDs. The indoor plant gardening community loves it.

Most indoor plant growers we know use this brand for two reasons. It is affordable, and it offers quality performance.

The Viparspectra Reflector Series has a purple spectrum. It is a little richer in blue light than red light.

You can modify the light spectrum of Viparspectra Reflector LEDs. Just use their Veg and Bloom switches.

This feature is immensely helpful. It allows you to adjust the lighting of the grow light bulb according to what your plants need. It also helps you to save energy during the vegetative or seedling phase. 

There are several different models in the Viparspectra Reflector Series. The best model for you is the one that can cover your indoor plant-growing area.

These lights are really inexpensive, too!

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Kind LED is one of the best LED grow lights on the market. This purple LED grow light has one of the most optimized light spectrums for plants.

It emits more red light than blue light. That makes it excellent for flowering plants or your plants in the flowering phase.

It also puts out small quantities of far-red and infrared light. They can boost flower formation and yield.

The grow light’s light spectrum also includes small quantities of Ultraviolet UVA light. UVA is the type of light that enhances nutrients and volatile levels. 

Kind LED K3 XL300 also has secondary optical lenses that improve canopy penetration by more than 200%.

The light has a good light output, and its coverage area is around 2′ x 2.5′ (0.6m x 0.75m).

Some growers may find the Kind LED K3 XL300 a bit expensive. So, this grow light is an expenditure we would only recommend to professional growers. These are growers who want to achieve the best results.

If you are still new to indoor plant gardening or just trying it out, we suggest going for a cheaper brand.

Bestva DC series LEDs are a brilliant choice. This series works well if you’re searching for a purple grow light.

It has an optimized spectrum and is cheaper than Kind LED K3 Xl300.

The purple spectrum of those LEDs is equally rich in red and blue light. But it also contains reasonable quantities of green light.

Bestva DC grow lights also emit far-red and infrared light, along with UV light.

The lowest model in the series only draws 185 watts of power and can cover up to 4′ x 4′ (1.2m x 1.2m) growing area!

Bestva DC grow lights are far less expensive than Kind LED K3 lights.

So, you’re in the market for a purple indoor plant grow light to illuminate your low-light houseplants. This gooseneck LED light will work well for you.

The spectrum of this device is very balanced, but it’s mostly rich in red and blue light. That’s why the light appears purple overall.

You can adjust the device’s light spectrum between blue, red, and purple.

You can even change its light intensity between 10% and 100%, saving you some bucks on your electric bill.

Likesuns also has a built-in timer that allows you to choose whether you want to keep your light on for three, nine, or twelve hours a day.

The light is very inexpensive, too.

Here are a few notes: Trying this grow light out, we found the light is not very bright. It may not be able to support your indoor plants that need medium light to high light.

We only recommend using this one for plants that demand low-lighting requirements.

Similar to Likesuns, this LED grow light strip is great for low-light houseplants.

The wonderful thing about this purple LED grow light strip is that you can use it to grow plants on shelves. Or, you can use it where you don’t have much space to install a bulky grow light setup.

Sondiko’s LED light spectrum is much like that of Likesuns. You can also adjust its intensity from 25% to 100%.

The Sondiko LED grow light also allows you to set up a time before it automatically switches off. You can set it between two, four, and eight hours.

Each Sondiko LED grow light pack contains two strips that are around 13″ long.

Like all LEDs, these light strips have an impressively long lifespan (around 50,000 hours). They’re also very cheap (check their prices here on Amazon).

Roleadro 75W is another good purple light to enhance plant growth with low- to medium-light needs.

Although it’s labeled 75W, the actual wattage of this LED is around 25 watts. The lower wattage means its light is not that intense.

The spectrum of Roleadro 75W is around two times richer in red light than blue light.

You can easily hang the light above your plants. For the best results, you must keep a maximum distance of 36″ between the grow lamp and the plants.

The price of this Roleadro 75W is close to that of Sondiko LED strips.

Toggled purple LED tubes to fit in T8 or T12 fluorescent light fixtures. So if you have one, you can use those lights to grow your favorite plants.

They emit a purple light, but those tubes have a very well-balanced light spectrum. The peak wavelengths are 490nm (blue) and 650nm (red).

Each light has a PPF output of around 30 μmol/s. Four toggled LED tubes can cover a good area. 

Toggled LED grow tubes are at least 50% more efficient than fluorescent bulbs. By using them, you’ll save more money on your energy bill.

Last on our list, but not the least by any means, is the Miracle LED grow light.

This grow light is not the most intense light out there. But it’s more versatile than most, so you can use it in different growing setups.

Its purple spectrum is very rich in blue. That makes it suitable for plants that have low-light requirements.

The lamp only draws 12W of power, so you’ll need more than one bulb to cover a wide growing space.

You can use this Miracle LED grow light bulb with a decorative lighting LED fixture in your home.

Are Purple LED Grow Lights Outdated?

Many growers are ditching their purple grow lights and replacing them with new, full-spectrum, white LEDs. But why?

Indoor gardeners are becoming more aware of the fact that plants don’t only need red and blue light. So they’re choosing lamps with spectrums rich in green, yellow, and orange light.

That’s reasonable, but getting rid of all purple grow lights for that reason is wrong.

Purple LED Grow Lights Are Effective for Growing

Growing seedlings indoors under a full spectrum led growing ligh

Some of the purple grow lights we mentioned have light spectrums that are highly optimized for plants (even though they don’t emit white light).

So, it depends on each purple grow light and its characteristics.

But, in general, high-quality purple grow lights will give you outstanding results. These results are 100% guaranteed.

Modern LED grow lights may use more efficient diodes and have better heat dissipation systems. But that has nothing to do with the spectrum of those lights.

So, long story short, purple grow lights are still great for plants. 

If you want to take a look at full-spectrum white LED grow lights, you can check HLG quantum boards. These are among the best full-spectrum LED grow lights on the market today.

But, if you want to use purple LED grow lights, make sure to choose one of the lights we recommended above.

We hope we have helped you choose your next purple grow light to use in your indoor garden.

Which of the purple grow lights above is your favorite? Do you have a recommended purple grow light bulb to share? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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