Viparspectra XS1500 Review (2022)

So you finally decided to start indoor gardening and shopped online for a grow light to use. You might have stumbled upon Viparspectra in the LED grow light market. Is this LED light any good?

Would it be sufficient enough to grow your indoor plants? Is this the best LED grow light? Let us find out in this Viparspectra XS1500 grow light review.

Viparspectra is one of the most popular brands that manufacture LED grow lights. The brand’s primary goal is to make affordable grow lights for indoor plant growers to enjoy.

The XS series is Viparspectra’s popular and well sought grow light series, and it is designed using the Viparspectra latest LED technology.

To find out more about the performance of these grow lights, I decided to review one of the Viparspectra XS series, particularly the XS1500. Below, you’ll find an in-depth review of the Viparspectra XS1500 LED grow light.

Let’s jump right into it!

Viparspectra XS1500 Review

But first things first, let us look at the LED light’s package and design.

Package and Design Review

The Viparspectra XS1500 comes in a well-packaged box, surrounded by protective foam from all sides.

Inside the package, you’ll find the grow light, a power cord, hanging equipment, and a user manual.

The power cord is around 6 feet (1.8 meters) long and it is thick and well-insulated.

Most of the LED grow lights you can find in the market today includes a piece of hanging equipment to hang your lights in your grow tent or a grow room. These include a wire hanging kit and adjustable light ratchets. I used both to hang my grow light (I’ll show you how I did that below).

Viparspectra XS1500 Review

In the user manual, you will find the safety information, the specifications of each light in the XS series, installation tips, and warranty terms.

Viparspectra leaflet

Besides the user manual, you will find this cute leaflet that asks you if you are satisfied with the product. I am quite impressed that Viparspectra includes this cute gimmickry as it shows that the brand cares about what the customer thinks about their products.

customer service leaflet

But in the end, what really matters most is the LED grow light’s performance and would it be good enough to enhance indoor plant growth.

Unlike the brand’s older lights, Viparspectra XS1500 has a very simple design that mimics that of a quantum board.

The LED light system has 288 LEDs. Most of these diodes are from Samsung, and they have 3000K (warm white light) and 5000K (white light) light spectrum.

Viparspectra XS1500

The remaining diodes consist of 15 deep red diodes (660 nm) and 1 infrared (or far-red) diode (730 nm).

Coating the LED panel is a layer of silicone that makes it waterproof LEDs.

A very heavy aluminum heat sink with a wide surface area covers the LED panel. The large surface area of the heat sink is the result of its straight fin design.

aluminum heat sink

This large aluminum heat sink enhances heat dissipation, and for that reason, the light doesn’t need any fans to keep its cool. A cool light means a longer grow light life span. It also means that it won’t produce too much heat. Excessive heat inside your growing area can potentially hurt your indoor plants.

The grow light’s driver is from MEAN WELL and it’s fixed to the top of the device.

Mean well driver

Viparspectra XS1500 also has a dimmer that allows you to adjust the light intensity from 5% to 100%.

How Can You Hang the Grow Light?

There are a few ways you can hang a grow light, but it’s always recommended that you use ratchet hangers so you can adjust the distance between the light and your plants.

The installation manual of Viparspectra XS1500 doesn’t show you how to use the ratchet hangers with your light.

What I did with my Viparspectra XS1500 was I hooked the wire hangers to the device then hooked the ratchet hangers to the wire hangers.

grow light hanging

Then I looped the ratchet hangers around the pole and clipped them to their rope.

If you have a growing area with a low ceiling, replace the wire hangers with shorter ropes to bring your device higher.

Performance Review

To determine if the Viparspectra LED light’s performance will satisfy indoor growers, we must first look at its light spectrum and light output.


Nowadays, most LED light manufacturers are focusing on improving the light spectrums of their grow light products as the majority of the studies have shown the effectiveness of using grow lights in growing indoor plants.

By comparing the new series to the older ones, it seems that Viparspectra is working hard on enhancing the spectrum LED grow light.

Viparspectra XS1500 spectrum

Compared to Viparspectra’s Reflector grow lights, XS1500 has a spectrum that is far richer in red light and that has a higher red to blue light ratio.

Viparspectra XS1500 also emits small quantities of far-red and infrared light.

Besides that, the Viparspectra LED light puts out good quantities of green light, which is important for plant growth and higher yield (learn more green light’s importance for plants).

Overall, the spectrum of Viparspectra XS1500 resembles that of Quantum Boards (QBs).

QBs are known in the indoor plant grower community for their high efficiency and are known to produce a higher yield in plants. However, despite its growing popularity, most QB LED lights come in DIY kits and they are more expensive than the Viparspectra XS lights.

Intensity and Efficiency

The Viparspectra XS1500 has a PAR output of around 370 µmol/s.

Viparspectra XS1500 light

With that PAR output, the device can cover a growing area measuring 2′ x 2′ (0.6m x 0.6m) during the flowering phase.

The light’s PPFD at the center of the growing area is 1175 µmol/m²/s (at 14 inches above the canopy).

Viparspectra XS1500 draws around 150 watts of power only at 100% intensity.

The brand says that the PPE of its device is around 2.9 µmol/J, but according to my calculations, the value is around 2.5 µmol/J, which is still very high.

Other features

The LED of Viparspectra XS1500 can live over 100,000 hours (around 11 years of continuous usage). Note that any grow light’s performance will start to degrade after it reaches the final third of its lifespan.

If you encounter any quality problems with your Viparspectra XS1500 within 30 days after its arrival, you can choose either to replace it with a new one, request for a refund, or ask for repairs without any extra costs.

The company also offers an extended warranty for 3 years that covers the reparation costs of any manufacturing defects that can cause the light to stop working properly.


Compared to other grow lights with similar performance, Viparspectra XS1500 is very affordable.

It’s the perfect choice for growers who want to achieve outstanding results without paying too much money for grow lights.

I recommend it for both professional and amateur growers.

Viparspectra XS1500 light

You can buy your Viparspectra XS1500 here on Amazon.

Important Notes:

  • Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations to get the best results.
  • Don’t bring this light system too close to your plants and don’t look directly at it (even if it’s at 5% intensity).
  • Don’t subject the device to extreme environmental pressure (high temperature or high moisture levels).

Summary and Final Words

The Viparspectra XS1500 is a popular grow light because of its higher quality compared to most grow lights. Its light spectrum is also optimized to grow your indoor plants.

It has a great heat dissipation system that relies on its wide aluminum heat sink.

Since it’s designed like a quantum board and uses Samsung diodes, you can pull out a very high yield using Viparspectra XS1500.

The device is perfect for all growers because it’s very inexpensive. If you are a beginner at growing plants indoors, then you will love this grow light.

I can vouch for Viparspectra XS1500 and I am 100% sure you won’t be disappointed with its performance.

What do you think of Viparsectra XS1500 grow light? Would you use this as your next grow light? Share with us what you think in the comments below.

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