How To Sprout Chia Seeds – 5 Easy Methods

sprouted or germinated chia seeds

Salvia hispanica or Salvia columbariae, popularly known as chia seeds, is a superfood. People use them in a wide range of recipes, including salads, puddings, sandwiches, smoothies, etc. They are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic fatty acids, and many valuable nutrients. In this guide, we will teach you how to sprout chia seeds. … Read more

Best 600W HPS Bulbs for Flowering (2022)

If you are an indoor gardener, you need to understand one vital fact. You must use a high-quality and effective grow light. Seasoned indoor gardeners know the HPS grow lamp for its quality and it effectiveness. And we know HPS grow lamps for their ability to support high-yielding plants. That is why HPS is still … Read more

How to Grow Oregano from Cuttings: 2 Easy Methods

Oregano plants On a wooden background

There are two main methods on how to grow oregano from cuttings – in water or directly in the soil. This ultimate guide will provide you with the steps for propagating oregano from cuttings using either method, as well as the necessary conditions for growth. You can even grow your oregano indoors. Steps for Propagating … Read more

Growing Plants In Water Year Round – Everything You Need to Know

plant growing in glass

Do you have houseplants or an indoor plant garden? Growing plants in water is an excellent activity for the amateur gardener, those who dislike the messiness of dirt, live in small spaces, and those who forget about watering plants. Not only does this method require low maintenance, but it’s also pest and disease resistant. Growing … Read more

How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors – A Step By Step Guide For Growing Tomatoes From Seeds

tomato seeding in pots on window sill

Tomatoes are delicate, tropical plants. They require 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight every day, consistent warmth, and frequent watering. Also, depending on the type of tomatoes you grow, you will need to prune regularly and stack. Tomatoes are also susceptible to various diseases and pests and require special care. Here in this article, … Read more

How to Grow Chives from Seeds Indoors: 6 Easy Steps

Chives plant

Want to learn how to grow chives? Here are some tips on how to grow chives from seeds. Chives have a mild onion flavor that spices up a wide range of recipes, making them a must-have in your garden. The bright green herbs grow well indoors in containers and on windowsills. Chives are easy to … Read more

How to Grow White Sage – 3 Easy Methods

White sage

White sage is quite easy to grow. Although it has a low propagation rate, once the seedlings have been established, they require minimal maintenance. It flourishes whether planted indoors or outdoors. You can grow white sage indoors from seeds, seedlings, or cuttings as long as you provide the right conditions. Below are specific steps for … Read more