Best 600W HPS Bulbs for Flowering (2021)

HPS lamps are known for their ability to grow high-yielding plants.

That’s why they’re still popular among indoor growers.

Although HPS lamps have a very basic design, they can vary from each other in terms of overall quality.

That said, you must always use a high-quality HPS lamp to grow productive plants. In this article, we’ll show you the best 600W HPS bulbs for flowering.

Best 600W HPS Bulbs for Flowering: Top Five Lamps

We have reached out to several expert indoor growers to find out what brands of 600W HPS bulbs they recommend. Here are the results of our investigation:

1. Ushio HPS Lamp (Enhanced Performance)

This lamp is one of the most recommended HPS lamps by veteran growers.

Ushio 600W HPS lamp has an enhanced 2100K spectrum that is optimized for flowering plants. In fact, you cannot optimize HPS lamps more than that.

This Ushio lamp also has an enhanced blue light emission. So, you can use it not only for the flowering phase but during the entire life cycle of your plants. That said, blue light is important for your flowering plants as well.

The lamp is very powerful and has a PAR output of 1,150 μmol/s.

You can use Ushio HPS lamp in all different grow settings, including hydroponics and aquaponics.

With Ushio 600W HPS lamp, you get what you pay for. Although not the cheapest, this bulb is the most affordable among the top-rated HPS lamps on the market.

Check Ushio 600W HPS with enhanced performance here on Amazon.

2. Digilux HPS Lamp

Digilux HPS bulb is the most expensive lamp on our list, but it’s also the best in terms of overall quality and sturdiness.

This lamp has one of the most optimized spectrums among all HPS lamps. The spectrum is quite rich in red and blue light.

Digilux also has a very high intensity with a light output of 95,000 lumens.

We highly recommend this lamp if you’re searching for the best results.

Digilux is slightly better than Ushio, but just because it’s more expensive (check its price here), it came in second on our list.

3. Eye Hortilux HPS Lamp

Eye Hortilux is another recommended brand of HPS lamps that has outstanding features.

Eye Hortilux 600W HPS lamp has an enhanced and optimized spectrum for flowering plants similar to that of Ushio.

This lamp emits 25% more light in the blue spectral range than other less-optimized HPS lights. The brand also asserts that the lights emit 17% more energy than other HPS lamps.

Those bulbs are made in the US, so even though they’re high-priced (check their prices here), you know that you’re getting quality in exchange for your money.

Eye Hortilux lamps are tested before they’re packaged, and they also have a full one-year warranty.

With Eye Hortilux you can pull a very high yield from plants, 100% guaranteed.

4. Plantmax 600 Watt

A much more affordable choice than all the above lamps is Plantmax.

Plantmax 600W HPS is a decent lamp for flowering plants. With a 2000K Kelvin rating, this lamp has a warm spectrum that can induce blooming and increase yield.

It has a light output of 90,000 lumens, slightly less than that of lamps we mentioned before, but the HPS lamp is still considered efficient.

You can get 3 Plantmax 600W HPS lamps for less than the price of one Eshio, Eye Hortilux, or Digilux.

So, if you’re searching for inexpensive HPS lamps, Plantmax is the way to go (check it here on Amazon).

5. VIVOSUN 600W Full Kit

VIVOSUN is another inexpensive brand of HPS lamps that sells its products at prices comparable to that of Plantmax.

The brand also offers a full high-quality HPS kit that makes growing easier for beginners.

Choosing a ballast for your HPS lamp can be a tricky task (more on that below). So, if you’re a starter, VIVOSUN 600W HPS kit will work nicely for you because it has a ballast that’s fully compatible with the lamp.

The kit also includes a reflector fixture, hanging equipment, and a timer.

The lamp found in the kit has a spectrum that’s rich in red light but it emits less blue light than other HPS lamps on our list.

VIVOSUN 600W kit is very inexpensive considering all the equipment it contains (you can check it here on Amazon).

What You Should Know Before Buying an HPS Lamp

Here are few things you should know before buying an HPS lamp.

1- You Need a Ballast to Run an HPS Lamp

A ballast regulates the electricity coming into your lamp so it doesn’t get damaged.

Because they need less electricity after warming up, HID lamps, including HPS, will stop working without a ballast.

There are many ballasts on the market and to choose the right one for your HID lamp, you need to do some research.

The main two types of ballasts are magnetic and electric. Each type has its pros and cons.

Electric ballasts can come in a digital form nowadays. Digital ballasts include a microprocessor that can regulate electricity better.

The best way to avoid all the confusion around ballasts is to buy a full HPS kit that includes a compatible ballast in it.

You can also learn more about ballasts here.

2- Most HPS Lamps Aren’t Suitable for the Vegetative Phase

HPS lamps that aren’t rich in blue light aren’t suitable for the vegetative phase of your plants.

Most HPS lamps don’t emit enough quantities of blue light, so you need to avoid using them before the flowering stage.

If you use HPS during the vegetative phase, your plants will grow spindly and weak.

You need to use MH lamps that emit enough blue light to fuel the vegetative phase.

MH lamps also need a ballast to run, so choose a ballast that can work for both your MH and HPS lamps.

Learn more about growing plants with lights.

3- LED Grow Lights Are More Optimized for Growth than HPS Lamps

Some growers believe that HPS lamps are better than LEDs for plant growth, but that’s simply untrue.

First, LEDs are far more efficient than HPS lamps. The PPF efficacy (PPE) of an HPS lamp is below 1 μmol/J (around 0.9 μmol/J), while most modern LED grow lights has a PPE above 2 μmol/J.

That means an LED grow light emits two times more light than an HPS lamp with the same wattage.

So, if you want to save energy and money, you should use LEDs.

The spectrums of LED grow lights can also be more optimized than HPS lamps. Although not all LEDs have better light spectrums than HPS lamps, many of them do.

For example, HLG Quantum Boards have better spectrums and are more efficient than HPS lamps.

Since HPS lamps are not very efficient, they emit much more heat than LEDs, which can be a great problem for the indoor grower.

LED grow lights can be more expensive HPS lamps, but not always. Some LEDs are cheaper than whole HPS kits. Also, in the long run, you will spend more money on HPS lamps, because they have shorter lifespans and consume more electricity.

So, think twice before buying an HPS lamp today.

Finals Words

There are many high-quality 600W HPS lamps on the market that will make your plants happy.

But even though HPS lamps can produce excellent results, LED grow lights have emerged to become more optimized for growing.

There are many great LEDs that will work for your plants and that can replace your high-maintenance HPS lamps forever.

Yet, if you have achieved great results under HPS lamps in the past and you want to replicate your success, you can choose one of the HPS lamps we recommended above.

Happy growing!

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