20 Mini Indoor Greenhouse Ideas For Any Time Of Year

If you want to try your hands at creating an indoor greenhouse, we got you covered. Here are 20 mini indoor greenhouse ideas for any time of year.

Planting can be a relaxing and fun activity that doesn’t require lots of cash or effort.

Whether you’re planting veggies, herbs, or flowers, it’s an easy task, but if you want to plant indoors, you need to be creative.

Mini indoor greenhouse designs are inexpensive and ideal for planting any time of the year. With an indoor greenhouse, your greens and herbs are protected from strong wind, snow, and heavy rain.

You can also regulate humidity and temperature and check your herbs for pests and diseases.

Here are 20 simple-to-do mini greenhouse ideas:

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1. Plastic Container Mini Greenhouse

Plastic Container Mini Greenhouse

You probably come across several clear, plastic cartons with lids. Clamshell containers that are designed for take-out meals, fruits, and salads are reusable and a handy tool for your mini greenhouse.

One of the best ways to reuse these containers in a mini indoor greenhouse is for starting herb seeds.

First, wash and dry your container and fill it with clean potting soil. Then, ensure you plant seeds according to the directions given in the packet.

Keep them in a warm sunny spot and watch your plants grow!

2. Storage Box Mini Greenhouse

Storage Box Mini Greenhouse

Plastic storage containers are inexpensive ways to make an excellent mini indoor greenhouse. This is an affordable way to grow greens and herbs indoors or on the balcony.

You can get the storage boxes from a big box store near you and plant your seeds.

When it’s cold outside, simply pick up your box and pop it in the house. It’s also easy to move them outside for more sun exposure.

These containers are ideal for people who may be relocating since they’re easy to carry and solid enough to protect the small plants from breaking.

3. DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouse Terrarium From Photo Frames

Mini Indoor Greenhouse Terrarium from Photo Frames

This DIY greenhouse idea brings out your creativity.

As you declutter your home, you may find those old photo frames. Or you can buy a frame from a discount store near you or online.

You’ll need a few tools to assemble the terrarium like hinges, brackets, and screws. Hot glue, some duct tape, and lightweight frames are great affordable alternatives.

Join the frames together using a glue gun to create a beautiful yet practical greenhouse for your plants.

4. Mini Bottle Greenhouse

Mini Bottle Greenhouse

How many times have you thrown away a water bottle? Spark your creativity with this DIY greenhouse idea.

If you have a small space yet desire to have a small vessel for your seedlings, water bottles are the ultimate choice for a greenhouse.

They’re the easiest, cheapest greenhouses to design and will extend the growing season as well. Simply cut off the bottom or the top of the bottle, plant your seeds and wait for them to grow.

5. Cheap Hoop House Greenhouse For Winter

Cheap Hoop House Greenhouse For Winter

The hoop house can be suitable for your courtyard or balcony since it can be heavy to move around.

The raised bed is made of pressure-treated lumber and the hoops are made of PVC pipes.

You can get a floating cover fabric from Amazon or shop around for DIY options.

The super lightweight fabric allows light and water to penetrate while protecting your plants from freezes. It’s a durable small greenhouse that will last you for years.

6. Mini Patio Greenhouse

Mini Patio Greenhouse

It’s time to start a small spring garden but the weather can be fickle and harsh on baby veggies and herbs. This patio or deck mini greenhouse is a great option.

Grab those old windows you’ve been storing and put them together for a unique greenhouse.

Fill containers with potting soil and plant your seedlings.

Cover the containers with windows to protect plants from harsh weather while allowing light and warmth to penetrate.

7. Fold-Down Mini Greenhouse

Fold Down Mini Greenhouse

A fold-down mini greenhouse is an inexpensive, easy greenhouse to grow herbs. It needs a well-drained, flat surface either in the garage or on the balcony.

In addition, the growing plants will require at least six hours of sun exposure.

The design protects your plants from cold snaps and frosts. The-fold down cover is made with plastic and PVC pipe, which is light yet strong enough to withstand winds.

Arrange the plants in the greenhouse in such a way they don’t touch the top or side of the plastic when lowered.

8. CD Case Mini Greenhouse

CD Case Mini Greenhouse

Challenge your creativity by designing this stunning mini-greenhouse using old CD cases.

You’ll need about 40 cases or more, depending on your desired size. Get the glue that dries clear, some tweezers, and painter’s tape.

Clean the CD cases and remove the labels and price tags. Discard the black plastic disc holders keeping the clear cases, which are ideal for a uniform look. Glue the cases together to create your mini greenhouse.

Fill the greenhouse with potted plants, herbs, or veggies, and enjoy!

9. CD Spindle Case Mini Indoor Greenhouse

CD Spindle Case Mini Indoor Greenhouse

That CD spindle case lying idle in your house is perfect for making a simple greenhouse.

Apart from starting seeds for your garden, you can grow other plants that need humidity, like miniature ferns. 

You can also put one on the kitchen windowsill to grow watercress or mustard greens to liven up your sandwiches.

All you need is to cut out the central column, drill some holes through the top for ventilation, and find a pot to fit inside.

10. Umbrella Mini Indoor Greenhouse

Umbrella Mini Indoor Greenhouse

Every gardener has dreamed of having a greenhouse, but the common misconception that greenhouses have to be huge and expensive to build, makes people shy away from making one.

Fortunately, you can create an easy, cheap, mini greenhouse to start your seeds.

With this DIY project, you need a large container filled with potting soil.

Cover it with moisture-retaining materials like coconut coir or peat moss. Finally, cover your plants with an umbrella to allow light to pass through while protecting seeds from frost.

11. Foldable And Affordable Mini Greenhouse

Foldable and Affordable Mini Greenhouse

The foldable greenhouse is another easy project for starting your seeds indoors or outdoors.

It folds flats for easy transportation and storage. The attached hosepipe is connected to a built-in sprinkler system for easy watering.

It will take about 60 minutes to assemble this project.

The foldable design allows you to place the greenhouse anywhere, including the patio, deck, garage, or balcony.

12. Countertop Mini Greenhouse

Countertop Mini Greenhouse

The countertop greenhouse is a stunning, portable project that can grow seeds on the counter, in a bay window, balcony, or patio.

You can design a small or big one based on your needs. Design it with enough space to allow herbs to grow tall.

You will need wood and clear vinyl, which are readily available materials at your local hardware store. Glue the pieces together to form a mini indoor greenhouse.

13. Tabletop Mini Greenhouse

Tabletop Mini Greenhouse

This tabletop option is the ultimate choice if you want a simple, portable greenhouse that’s still attractive and functional.

Use extra wood that you’ve been holding on to or buy wood from a lumber yard. You’ll also need old windows, some screws, and a glue gun.

Measure wood lengths based on your needs, screw them together and hinge the windows. The inside space should be enough to allow plants to grow tall.

14. Ikea Shelf Mini Greenhouse

Ikea Shelf Mini Greenhouse

Starting seeds in homemade starters shields them from harsh weather conditions.

This Ikea shelf project will help you fashion your indoor greenhouse inexpensively.

Get a 2- or 4-tier shelf where you can place trays of seedlings. Position a grow light to provide each indoor plant the energy required that mimics the sun. Add delightful labels for your seedlings to know what’s what.

15. Egg Carton Mini Greenhouse

Egg Carton Mini Greenhouse

If you’re looking for the cheapest mini indoor seed starter, then an egg carton serves your purpose.

It’s a simple project that your kids can have fun putting together.

It’s accessible, affordable, effortless, yet effective. The cardboard egg cartons are eco-friendly since they’re biodegradable.

All you need is to separate the cartons and poke holes in the bottom for aeration. Fill the carton with some potting soil and plant your seeds directly. Ensure you place it where seeds can get light like on a windowsill or balcony.

16. The Mini Indoor Hothouse

The Mini Indoor Hothouse

The hothouse gives you a chance to start your beans and tomatoes seamlessly. Let your herbs grow in your laundry room window with this mini greenhouse.

All you need is your pot, a tomato cage, and saran wrap.

Spring is the best time to plant, but some places experience chilly evening weather and cold winds.

The saran wrap or a thicker plastic wrap will protect the plants from outdoor cold and indoor issues like pets or curious kids.

17. The Eccentric Plant Home

The Eccentric Plant Home

This beautiful greenhouse idea can be placed on top of a counter, table, by a window, or on a balcony.

The design, however, can be complex for DIY beginners. Consider asking a local carpenter to make one for you.

If you’re feeling up for the challenge and want to unleash your creativity, then go ahead. You can choose the paint color that suits your home’s décor for enhanced appeal.

18. Inexpensive Mini Indoor Seed Starter

Inexpensive Mini Indoor Seed Starter

Don’t worry about limited space in your home. Create this simple DIY seed starter with twigs, sticks, or wooden skewers.

You can customize it to accommodate your plants.

19. Bamboo Frame Mini Greenhouse

Bamboo Frame Mini Greenhouse

The bamboo frame seed starter is a simple project that even the laziest DIYers can do.

Get about 12 sticks of bamboo and make a square frame with an open bottom. Use plastic wrap to cover the structure.

Get small containers, plant your seeds, and cover them with the wrapped frame.

20. Covered Shelf Mini Greenhouse

Covered Shelf Mini Greenhouse

The aim of covering a greenhouse is to maintain temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels.

This product has an opening on the top for excellent air circulation. Ensure you place the greenhouse on the balcony or next to the window for enough sunlight penetration.

The zip allows you to water and treats plants with ease.

The Bottom Line

A mini greenhouse allows you to tend to your seedlings and plants all year round. They also help you shield plants from birds and pests.

Choose among these mini DIY indoor greenhouse ideas to find the most suitable one for your house. Then, modify the size and materials to suit your needs.

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