Bestva 2000W Review

Bestva 2000W is becoming a more popular choice for grow lights. In this Bestva 2000W review, we'll examine its performance and whether its for you.

Bestva is a well-known brand of grow lights. Many Betsva grow lights are top sellers on Amazon and other online stores.

One of those top sellers is Bestva 2000W LED, which is the brand’s most popular device.

Bestva 2000W has many positive reviews, but is it the best grow light for you?

Well, let’s examine its performance and discover the answer to that question!

Below you’ll find a detailed Bestva 2000W review that uncovers the truth about this light.

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Bestva 2000W Design Review

Let’s talk a bit about the design of this device before examining its performance.

Bestva 2000W comes in a well-wrapped and protected box that also contains the hanging equipment, user manual, power cord, and grow room glasses.

Bestva 2000W Design

The device is rectangular. Its dimensions are approximately 20.5 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches (52 x 21.5 x 6 cm).

It weighs around 10.5 pounds (5 kg), and its metal cover and plate account for most of that weight.

Bestva 2000W has four cooling fans that appear from the top of the device.

The LED board of the device has 200 LED chips. It is also covered with a glass screen that has four ventilating holes.

Bestva 2000W Performance Review

Now, let’s answer the question you came here with: How well does Bestva 2000W LED perform?

Some indoor growers consider Bestva 2000W a blurple LED.

Blurple lights are the earliest models of LED grow lights and they usually emit a purple color.

Those blurple lights aren’t viewed positively among gardeners for several reasons.

Blurple lights have light spectrums that aren’t optimized enough for plant growth. Also, they’re inefficient and their light is very dazzling.

But is Bestva 2000W LED a blurple light?

Well, let’s see!


If the spectrum of a grow light isn’t suitable for plants, no matter how bright it is, you won’t be able to use it for gardening.

Bestva 2000W is a full-spectrum grow light. It uses 10 different types of diodes to generate useful light for plants.

Bestva 2000W Spectrum

The spectrum of Bestva 2000W peaks at the wavelengths (frequencies) that correspond to blue and red light.

Those peaks are nearly the same level as each other, meaning that the device emits nearly equal intensities of blue and red light.

So, the device is not heavy blue and is very suitable for the flowering phase of plants.

Bestva 2000W also emits small amounts of green, yellow, infrared, and ultraviolet light.

The device is apparently optimized for growing plants, and in terms of light quality, it’s definitely not a blurple LED.

Yet, the light emitted by Bestva 2000W is purple and it can dazzle the eyes.

It is hard to monitor your plants under this light, but that’s where the grow room glasses come into play.

Intensity And Efficiency

Although this device is labeled “2000W”, it doesn’t actually draw 2000 watts of power.

In fact, its energy consumption is far much lower. At full capacity, the device draws around 390 watts.

Bestva 2000W Wattage

The “2000W” label is very misleading and pretty useless.

Many people think this device draws 2000 watts of power, and they buy it without checking its actual wattage in the description.

Having said all of that, the light intensity of Bestva 2000W is still considered very high!

The PPFD of this device at 18 inches (45 cm) (at the center of the coverage area) is around 1000 μmol/m²/s.

That’s perfect for high-light heavy-flowering and fruiting plants, such as tomatoes and cannabis.

According to our calculations, the efficiency (PPF efficacy) rate of the light stands at around 1.4 μmol/J.

That rate is acceptable, but it’s low compared to modern LED grow lights, such as HLG Quantum Board that has a PPF efficacy rate of 2.5 μmol/J.

Coverage Area

Since the light output of Bestva 2000W is high, it’s no surprise that the device has a very wide coverage area.

According to Bestva, the core coverage area of the light is around 7.8’ x 7.5’ (2.4m x 2.3m) at a hanging height of 24 inches.

But to get the best results, you might need to lower the hanging height of your light to 18 inches or even lower.

By doing that, you’re automatically decreasing the coverage area of your light. (Learn about growing plants with lights)

Bestva 2000W Coverage Area

So, the 7.8’ x 7.5’ (2.4m x 2.3m) coverage area of Bestva 2000W is for when plants are in the vegetative or seedling phase.

In the flowering phase, that area will become smaller as you bring the light closer to your plants.

Heat Dissipation

Bestva 2000W is equipped with four powerful cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink to dissipate the heat generated by the LED chips.

In addition to that, the device has several ventilating holes that allow the air to flow smoothly through it.

Since cooling fans need electricity to work, the heat dissipation system of this device is described as active cooling.

Most of the time, grow lights that use active cooling to dissipate heat are less efficient than grow lights that use passive cooling.

The fans of Bestva 2000W are somewhat noisy, but this doesn’t matter if you’re growing your plants in a closed environment.

Customer Service And Warranty

Bestva’s customer service is very responsive and helpful, so you can easily return defective products.

Bestva 2000W Customer Review

The brand also allegedly provides 90 days satisfaction or return guarantee during which you can return the light if you don’t like its performance.

On top of that, the device has a three-year warranty.

Additional Features

The newest Bestva 2000W light comes with Veg and Bloom switches.

Those switches allow you to control light in each phase of your plant’s growth and therefore save money on your electric bill.

When you turn on the Veg switch, you activate the LED chips that can fuel the vegetative phase of plants.

On the other hand, the Bloom switch controls the light that drives flower formation. Yet, by turning one switch off, you massively reduce the intensity of light.

So, you need to keep both switches on when you’re growing heavy-flowering plants.

Thoughts And Recommendations

Bestva 2000W is a very bright and inexpensive grow light (Check its price here on Amazon).

It’s highly suitable for all types of plants opposite to what some indoor growers have been saying on gardening forums.

Of course, there are several drawbacks to this device, including efficiency and the dazzling color of the overall light.

If you’re searching for a more optimized grow light, you need to go for modern LED grow lights, such as HLG Quantum Boards (QBs).

But, remember, HLG QBs and Mars Hydro are significantly more expensive than Bestva 2000W (Check their prices here).

Yet, you’ll be saving money in the long run because they’re more efficient.

So, in conclusion, if you’re on a budget, go for this light.

But, in case you want to obtain a very high yield, you should search for more optimized lights.

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