How To Store Mint – 7 Methods of Storing Fresh Mint To Enjoy All Year Round

How to Store Mint

Mint, like any other leafy herb, wilts easily compromising its flavor and nutrient content. There are several methods you can use, however, to store mint to extend its lifespan whether on the countertop, in the refrigerator, or freezer. Below are detailed steps for 7 methods of storing fresh mint, but first, what steps should you … Read more

Best 600W HPS Bulbs for Flowering (2022)

When you are growing indoor plants, it is imperative that you use a high-quality and effective grow light. HPS grow lamp is known for that. HPS grow lamps are known for their ability to support high-yielding plants. That is why HPS is still a popular grow bulb among indoor plant growers. Although the HPS bulb … Read more