Harvesting Chamomile: All the Tips You Should Keep in Mind!

Harvesting Chamomile

A few years ago, I did some research about the benefits of chamomile. Since then, I have always had this herb in my kitchen. Despite being a sweet-smelling plant, chamomile is a potent healing plant. It can help you get through many restless nights. My experience in growing chamomile has been especially valuable. Chamomile was … Read more

The Best Grow Light For Growing Orchids Indoors

Orchid Close-up

Did you know there are around 30,000 distinct species of orchids worldwide? Just imagine the number of different orchids you can grow! From moth orchids to dendrobiums, it’s time to start your orchid collection at home. All you need to achieve it is a suitable grow light. Orchids need light. Since there are hundreds of … Read more

Lux for Plants: Everything You Need to Know!

How much lux do plants need? That’s one of the most frequently asked questions in indoor gardening. But is lux a useful light measurement for plants? Let’s discover the answer together. In this article, we’ll talk about lux for plants. We’ll also look at other essential light measurements in indoor gardening. Let’s get started right … Read more

The 5 Best Red LED Grow Lights For Boosting Yield

close-up red led

Red light is the key to a productive flowering phase and high yield. Heavy-fruiting and flowering plants need significant quantities of red light. Unfortunately, many modern LED grow lights will only give your plants a limited quantity of red light. So, if you want to increase the intensity of red light, you must buy separate … Read more

How To Sprout Chia Seeds – 5 Easy Methods

sprouted or germinated chia seeds

Salvia hispanica or Salvia columbariae, popularly known as chia seeds, is a superfood. People use them in a wide range of recipes, including salads, puddings, sandwiches, smoothies, etc. They are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic fatty acids, and many valuable nutrients. In this guide, we will teach you how to sprout chia seeds. … Read more

The Top 8 Purple LED Grow Lights (2022)

There are many different grow lights to choose from for your indoor garden. If you have been looking around the market, you might have stumbled onto a special grow light. It’s called a purple grow light. There are hundreds of purple grow lights on the market. But what does this particular grow light bulb do? … Read more