Full Sun Herbs: Take a Look at a List of Herbs That Love the Sun!

Full sun herbs

The world of gardening features a great variety of herbs that prefer what we call “full sun”. In this article, we will list some of the most popular full-sun herbs. Considerable controversy surrounds the topic of full sun, partial sun, partial shade, and shade plants, mainly because these terms aren’t “scientifically” accurate. Nonetheless, they are … Read more

Growing Goldenseal: Propagation, Plant Care and Growing Conditions!

Goldenseal is a very popular herb today. More than 50 million goldenseal plants are being collected from the wild each year. This herb is said to have numerous benefits, and according to some recent studies, it may have the ability to clean out infections. Goldenseal is native to North America, and it’s rarely found elsewhere. … Read more

Indoor Herbs Safe for Cats: A List of Non-toxic Herbs

indoor herbs safe for cats

All the plants growing in your garden are highly packed with oils and other  chemicals. Each herb contains a unique combination of substances that create its “medicinal identity.” Some of these chemicals, which may be present in the herb in a great amount or just a trace, can be highly toxic to some organisms. For … Read more

How Often Should You Water Herbs? Find Out More About It!

how often should you water herbs

Watering herbs properly is one of the most important jobs in herb gardening. At the same time, watering plants is easy. You definitely don’t need to overthink the small details here. Instead, you should focus on the big picture and just make sure your herbs are getting watered routinely. There has been much debate among … Read more

How to Store Fresh Sage: Quick, Effective, and Easy Ways!

Sage is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs. Its positive effects on memory and brain activity are well known to communities all over the world. For that reason, it’s very odd to find an herb garden that doesn’t contain sage. Having said that, many herb gardeners concentrate their efforts on growing sage but forget … Read more

Pruning Herbs: A Simple And Straightforward Guide

pruning herbs

Pruning herbs may be one of the most essential gardening tasks, but it is also one of the most simple tasks. I’ll never understand why some authors complicate such a simple job, especially when all pruning herbs is, pinching and cutting! As you grow in experience, you’ll find that you become more familiar and confident … Read more