How To Prune Rosemary: All You Need to Know

How to Prune Rosemary

Rosemary is a relatively easy-to-grow shrub, making it an ideal choice for any herb garden. It is an evergreen, perennial shrub with beautiful flowers. In addition, the pine-like scent and pungent flavor make the plant a popular ingredient in foods. It is relatively easy to grow and maintain indoors. In this article, we will tackle … Read more

What Is Eating My Basil? The 10 Most Common Culprits

Holy Basil leaves

Have you noticed holes in a basil leaf here or there, or are the leaves of your plant completely eaten away? You probably asked the question, “what is eating my basil?” Your basil plant is being attacked by pests. Basil has a pleasant smell that tends to attract a wide range of insects and bugs. … Read more

How To Dry Cilantro At Home: 5 Easy Methods

Dry Cilantro at Home

Cilantro is a flavorful, green, leafy plant. You can use this herb as a garnish or seasoning in tasty cooking. The cilantro plant can wither and get limp in two or three days after harvesting, losing its freshness. Drying cilantro can help you keep this herb and use it for a long time without wasting … Read more

How To Prune Oregano: 7 Easy Methods

harvested oregano in a wooden box with garden scissors

Regularly pruning your oregano ensures that you have fresh herb leaves to harvest throughout the season. Pruning will make your oregano plant big and bushy. It prevents the plant from growing too tall and feeble and helps to manage woodiness. In this article, we will teach you how to prune oregano. Pruning redirects the plant’s … Read more

How to Trim Dill: 5 Easy Ways To Trim Your Dills

Fragrant Young dill leaf growing

Dill weed is a tender, flavorful fresh herb that is easy to grow and maintain. This annual plant lasts one harvesting season before dying off. If you don’t prune, it easily grows leggy and long. Also, it seeds and dies before the end of the harvesting season. Pruning dill helps to make it bushier for … Read more

Companion Planting Herbs and Vegetables

Companion planting is one of the most helpful practices in gardening for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that certain plants can boost the growth and flavor of other plants. Many gardeners use companion planting to decrease their need for fertilizers and pesticides. For that reason, companion planting herbs and vegetables is … Read more

Dill Growing Conditions: How to Grow and Care for Dill?

Dill is one of the most famous herbs in the kitchen. Fresh dill leaves are used all over the world to flavor meat dishes, soups, eggs, etc. Aside from being a flavorful herb, dill is also considered a powerful medicinal plant. According to Healthline, dill is rich in antioxidants and anticarcinogens and can improve the … Read more