Growing Thai Basil Indoors: Propagation and Plant Care!

Are you planning on growing Thai basil indoors? Then don’t think twice; this herb can easily grow inside, just like its mother – the common basil. Thai basil is a very resilient and easy-going variety of basil. In fact, many gardeners consider growing Thai basil to be much simpler than growing other varieties of the … Read more

Soil for Rosemary: Discover the Perfect Formula!

Choosing soil for rosemary has never been the easiest thing for gardeners to manage, and a large number of rosemary plants have been sacrificed in the process. I’ve heard many troubling stories of people who ended up killing their rosemary by planting it in the wrong soil. Yes, rosemary is notoriously delicate when it comes … Read more

Why is Your Basil Plant Dying? Learn All About It Here

If your basil plant is dying and you don’t know why, don’t panic or beat yourself up. It’s a common experience that almost all herb gardeners pass through. Although basil is a plant that can grow anywhere, especially at home, it can be a bit sensitive towards unfavorable growing conditions and can suddenly break down … Read more