Harvesting Chamomile: All the Tips You Should Keep in Mind!

Harvesting Chamomile

A few years ago, I did some research about the benefits of chamomile. Since then, I have always had this herb in my kitchen. Despite being a sweet-smelling plant, chamomile is a potent healing plant. It can help you get through many restless nights. My experience in growing chamomile has been especially valuable. Chamomile was … Read more

Pruning Herbs: A Simple And Straightforward Guide

pruning herbs

Pruning herbs may be one of the most essential gardening tasks, but it is also one of the simplest. I’ll never understand why some authors complicate such a simple job—especially when pruning herbs is no more than pinching and cutting! As you grow in experience, you’ll become more familiar and confident with the process. That’s when … Read more

Potting Soil for Lavender: Discover The Flawless Mix!

The first step to cultivating lavender is choosing a suitable potting soil. It’s also the most critical step. That will help grow the plant. If you start with the wrong soil, growing lavender will be a terrible experience. Many gardeners trying to grow lavender for the first time fail miserably. That’s because they pick an … Read more

Soil for Rosemary: Discover the Perfect Formula!

Choosing soil for rosemary has never been the easiest thing for gardeners to manage. Sadly, tons of rosemary plants have been sacrificed in the process. I’ve heard many troubling stories about rosemary. People have killed their rosemary by planting it in the wrong soil. Yes, rosemary is notorious for being delicate with its soil needs. … Read more

Full Sun Herbs: Take a Look at a List of Herbs That Love the Sun!

Full sun herbs

The world of gardening features a great variety of herbs that prefer what we call “full sun.” In this article, we will list some of the most popular full-sun herbs. Much controversy surrounds the topic of full sun, partial sun, partial shade, and shade plants. The debate is mainly because these terms aren’t “scientifically” accurate. … Read more