Light Requirements for Herbs: What Should You Know?

Whether you’re new to gardening or have been growing plants for decades, you already know that each plant has its own light requirements. The sensitivity of each plant to light is determined by many factors, including its place of origin and the environmental circumstances it has adapted to. Before we discuss the light requirements for … Read more

Rosemary Plant Problems: Diseases, Pests, and Other Issues

In herb gardening, rosemary is considered one of the easiest plants to grow. This herb is native to the Mediterranean region, so it can withstand harsh conditions, such as drought. Generally speaking, rosemary requires minimal maintenance and attention, but this doesn’t mean that it comes free of problems. Rosemary, like any other herb, can encounter … Read more

Basil: Temperature Tolerance and Optimal Temperature!

Basil Temperature Tolerance

Basil is one of the most popular herbs in the world not just because it’s famous in the kitchen but also because it grows in many different climates. This herb is native to tropical regions, particularly Southeast Asia and central Africa, but today it’s widely cultivated in temperate climates, such as the Mediterranean region. That … Read more

Full Sun Herbs: Take a Look at a List of Herbs That Love the Sun!

Full sun herbs

The world of gardening features a great variety of herbs that prefer what we call “full sun”. In this article, we will list some of the most popular full-sun herbs. Considerable controversy surrounds the topic of full sun, partial sun, partial shade, and shade plants, mainly because these terms aren’t “scientifically” accurate. Nonetheless, they are … Read more