Microgreens Lights: Here Are the Best Ones in 2021!

Did you know that microgreens are considered superfoods? Consuming microgreens regularly will improve your health and protect you against many diseases, including cancer and heart disease. It’s so easy to grow your favorite microgreens at home. All you need is a suitable grow light. We did a comprehensive research to find the best grow lights … Read more

Viparspectra XS1500 Review (2021)

Viparspectra is one of most popular LED grow light manufacturers. The brand’s goal is to make affordable grow lights for growers. The XS series is Viparspectra’s newest grow light series, and it’s designed using the latest technology. To find out more about the performance of those lights, I decided to examine the XS1500 model. Below, … Read more

Best Light for Seedlings: Your Top Three Options!

The seedling phase is a very delicate stage of plant growth. Seedlings need good amounts of light to grow into strong and productive adult plants. So, during the seedling phase, you need to provide your baby plants with the right quantity and quality of light. To achieve that you need to choose a suitable grow … Read more